Applying for a provisional licence

Before you can learn to drive or sit a theory test, you will need to obtain a provisional driving licence. You can apply for a provisional driving licence from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The application form (form D1) can be obtained from your local Post Office


The Highway Code is essential reading for everybody learning to drive. It contains all of the rules and regulations that relate to driving in the UK. As a driver, it’s your duty to know these rules – and remember if you don’t abide by them, you’ll be breaking the law and could end up being prosecuted.


A multiple choice test of 50 questions carried out on computer, a pass mark of 43 is required. You can book your theory test over the telephone by contacting the DSA on 0300 2001122 or using the Internet Booking Service


This is a video containing 14 clips and you must spot the hazards which arise during each clip, there is one clip in which two hazards arise. A pass mark of 44 out of 75 is required at present (however this pass mark is subject to change). Practice tests. 


Practical Test

Before you do any driving you’ll be asked to perform an eyesight check and then be asked some vehicle safety questions (Show Me/Tell Me). You’ll then be tested on your general driving ability, including one reversing exercise and an independent drive phase.

The Driving part of your test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for evidence you’ve reached an overall safe standard of driving, as you carry out both general and specific manoeuvres. You can make up to 15 minor driving faults and still pass the test, but 16 or more minor faults results in a fail. However, if you commit just one serious or dangerous fault, you’ll fail the test automatically. Driving test changes ( December 4th 2017 )

Pass Plus Courses in Oxford

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All driving lessons, intensive courses and Pass Plus Courses are designed to cater for you, whether you have previous driving experience or none at all, whether you have full co-ordination or this co-ordination is absent it is not a problem – your instructor will be extremely competent.

Our driving lessons are available to all and we especially welcome nervous drivers. We also provide PASS PLUS training for people that have already passed their test and want to learn additional skills, completing a PASS PLUS course also gains you a substantial discount on your insurance. Need your licence in a hurry? At U Pass Motoring School we specialise in Intensive courses.

U Pass Motoring School have dedicated instructors Operating in Wallingford, Henley, Oxford, Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Thatcham, Newbury, Hungerford, Abingdon, Didcot, Aylesbury and their surrounding areas. For free friendly advice and information on booking lessons, intensive courses or PASS PLUS courses within Oxfordshire and Berkshire call U Pass today.

We offer discounts for block bookings and provide a reliable door-to-door service for our customers in the Berkshire and Oxfordshire areas.


Pass Plus

Making New Drivers Safer Drivers

PASS PLUS has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency to improve road safety and is backed by the insurance industry. Participating companies will offer new drivers who successfully complete the PASS PLUS course discounts on their car insurance premiums and there is no further test to sit.

PASS PLUS offers new drivers professional instruction and supervision in circumstances where they will have little experience and at a time when they are most vulnerable.

The primary aim of PASS PLUS is to develop the attitudes and skills that are essential for Safe Driving for Life.

There is no substitute for experience, but good professional instruction in the form of a Pass Plus course can accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the new driver.

Drivers aged 17-21 make up 10% of all licence holders but are involved in 20% of all injury incidents, with young male drivers being the most likely to be involved in a serious crash. However, it’s not only young drivers who are vulnerable, older people who take the driving test later in life are also at risk and they can also benefit from a PASS PLUS course.

Most drivers become safer through driving more miles – by experiencing more driving situations and learning from their ‘experiences’. Learning by experience is not the ideal method when the consequences of error can be very serious.

The six modules of the PASS PLUS Course are:

  • Town Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageway Driving
  • Motorway Driving

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Making New Drivers Safer Drivers

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